Battery covers

Battery covers (boxes)

We can make any kind of battery cover at the client's request.

One of the most labor-consuming stage while building an electric bicycle is to make a cover for batteries and other electronic parts.Rarely you can lean on a standard box, most of the cover has to be made individually to adjust the size and shape to the bike’s frame. It is much easier when it comes to setting-up the cover on a city bike. We choose one of two sizes, depending on the number of battery cells that we will be assembling. The construction is quite tedious: you have to start with the exact measurement of the frame and its angles, then you have to make a cardboard template, which will be a pattern for the preparation of the hoof - the basis of which we make the cover. The next step is to create the hoof. It is made of several layers of styrodur, the shape and its oval parts are hand-polished by grinding. Then, it is necessary to protect its surface with appropriate protective measure so that the resin doesn’t melt it and the laminate can be separated after drying. When the base is ready we can start applying the first of five mat layers alternating with layers of polymer resin. After drying we divide the base into two parts: a part that is a container and its closure - if needed we remove roughnesses and excess resin. We smooth down the whole surface alternately with sanding to obtain the right smoothness to be able to paint or tape it. Finally, we have to assembly each closing part and a seal that connects the container with its closure.

When having your bike converted the price of making the cover, including material and assembly is 400 PLN.

But if you want to order only the cover, the price increases by delivery costs and doesn’t include the assembly.

Instructions on how to make a template of the frame shape

Please refer to the clip on how to properly make a template of the frame shape