Custom-made batteries

Custom-made batteries

Our building batteries offer will completely satisfy the customer needs. We enable any possible configuration of packages (S and P). The covers we create for packages with the use of laminate are adapted to the specific shape and structure of the frame. We can also replace lead and gel batteries for Li-ion.

When planning the construction of the battery, we enable the selection of cells in terms of discharging capacity and current. Our offer includes battery cells of the largest brands such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sanyo (lithium-ion or lithium-polymer turnigs).

The high flexibility of the offer gives customer the possibility of individual selection of the number of cells, voltage and discharge current for his needs. At the same time, we draw your attention to the fact that the battery is the most expensive part of the converted bicycle. Often, its value is almost 50% of the entire value of the bike, and prices vary depending on the components used, the voltage and capacity costs from 1600 PLN to even more than 5,000 PLN.

The most common packages are: 36V 20Ah (range about 60km), 48V 20Ah (range about 80km) and 65V 20Ah (range about 100km). Ranges are given at a speed of about 25 km / h in a simple terrain under favourable weather conditions and without the use of muscle strength. This is an average value because it is impossible to estimate the exact distance by the differences due to the terrain and driving style. For example: When using the 16S 3p turnig 5000mAh package, or 67V 15Ah, the GT 1500 controller and the 10 x 6 motor with a maximum speed of about 65 km / h, you can ride for about 40-45 km while reducing the speed to 25 km / h with the same configuration we can travel about 100 km.

  • Any configuration of packages (S and P)
  • Individual cover shape
  • Lead and gel batteries replacement for Li-ino batteries
  • Selection of cells in terms of discharge current and capacity
  • Covers made of laminate
  • Battery cells of known and proven brands
  • Adjusting voltage and current levels to customer needs