Ordering information

Ordering information

Call to us +48 506 152 142 or write an e-mail elektrobikes.bb@gmail.com

Basic information that we need to make your order

We need some essential information, so that we can build the optimal design for you

  • Do you already have a bicycle that you want to convert?
  • Send us a picture of your bike by e-mail (if you already have one)
  • What will be the main purpose of the bike?
  • In what kind of terrain you are going to ride it
  • What distances it will travel on one charge
  • What maximum speed it will achieve inside the area where traffic regulations doesn’t apply

Also, please inform us if you already have a cover for electronics and battery - if not, please visit this page: Battery covers

Based on the given information, we will determine the price and duration of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to send a bicycle if I live away and how much does it cost?

Send the bike by courier, we will convert it and send it back to you, the cost of delivery is about 160 PLN (one way).

What is the realization time?

About three weeks after receiving the bike but it depends on the number of orders at a given time.

What is the weight of the bike after conversion?

The weight of a strong electric bike is about 28 - 30 kg. But it does not matter, the weight overcame a deficit by the power the bike has.

When should I replace the battery?

No one is able to answer this question.

On average, it should last from 400 to 800 charging cycles (depending on the correct exploitation). For example, battery of bicycle with a range of 80 km should last for about 30,000 km

Where is the engine mounted?

It is attached to the rear wheel.

Do units require complicated service?

The units are maintenance-free, including the motor that is brushless one, so there is nothing that can wear out.

Does the bike can ride without pedaling?

Yes, just push the throttle and it will start riding.

Can you pedal and use an electric mode at the same time?

Yes, you can. There are three options - pedal only, pedal and support, electric-only.

Are there options for assistive power?

Yes, it has two power modes.