Instruction manual

Instruction manual

Instructions for using an electric bicycle


The newly installed drive requires some maintenance during the first 200 km of the ride.

- Ensure that the screws securing the wheel are properly tightened, not only during the initial riding period

- Visit the bicycle service 1-2 times to tighten the spokes.

- Check and adjust the brakes and the elements of the electronics case. This is necessary because the major force generated by the drive causes the need to adjust the spokes and to tighten other mechanical units.



- When the bike is not in use, it should be switched off on the button next to the throttle.

- The more you charge the battery the better. It's best to recharge the battery after each trip.

- Avoid trips where you can completely discharge the battery.

- Once a week the discharged battery should be switched on to the charger overnight, so that BMS has a time of approximately 4 hours for the balance after charging.

- If the bike is not used for more than 1-2 months - it should be prepared for such a break.

Preparation consists in discharging the battery to a level of about 30-60%. In this state, it can remain 3-4 months. It is advisable to connect the charger for 30 minutes for maintenance charging once a month.


Preparation for charging:

- The bike can be recharged any time.

- The frequency of charging doesn’t negatively affect its lifespan, on the contrary, it lengthens it.

Charging steps:

- Insert the charger into the 230V socket

- Insert the charger plug into the charging port on the bike.

The charger will start. The red light will turn on and the charger will start to work, making a specific sound (noise).


End of charging:

- Charge the battery until the charger turns off.

- The charger will signal the end of charging with a green diode and it will turn off the fan.

- Do not leave the charger plugged in if it does not charge the battery.

- If you have problems with starting the charging process - unplug it from the sockets and plug it again.


Battery charge indicator:

- The indicator shows the approximate amount of energy in the battery.

- The actual battery level is shown when the engine isn’t loaded.

- When using the switcher, the indications are oscillating - this is a normal sign.

- During the first few trips you should get familiar with the use of indicator and what it  displays, especially see the correlation between the maximum range and low charge battery indication.


When we enter a large hill and feel that the bike is working with an effort, the engine has no power, clearly slows down and gets tired - reduce gas and support it with muscle strength. Don’t let it overheat,


Every electric motor, no matter what its type and power is, can be burned due to improper use, regardless of its protection.